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Hepatitis A Brochure for Parents of Chatham County

The edit paper is attached to this order with comments in the paper. other attachments is for information purposes if needed Title Abstract: An overview of the practicum experience consisting of no more than 250 words. Background: This should include the purpose, target population, impact, relevant literature, as well as your role in the practicum project. Core Competencies of Public Health (addressed by this practicum) Research Questions Methods: Include what was done, how it was done, and why. Data Results: This can include charts, graphs, or pictures. However, the results must also be presented in writing. Discussion: This should include recommendations for current or future outcomes. References Appendices (if applicable): Any materials you developed and used as part of the practicum. IMPORTANT -DATA WAS OBTAINED BY PUBLIC RECORDS SUCH AS cdc, health department websites –

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Hepatitis A Brochure for Parents of Chatham County
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