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American History-activism in the mid-twentieth century

1/The post-war era witnessed a radical upheaval in the social structure of the United States, particularly in terms of civil rights. Why do we see such a strong surge of activism at this time? To what extent did this activism actually change American society?

2/Why do we see a strong conservative political resurgence beginning the 1960s? To what extent did this wave of political activism change the basic direction of government?

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American History-activism in the mid-twentieth century
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3/What factors led to the crisis of the “liberal state” in the 1960s? Why were people becoming disillusioned with the government and the direction of American society? In what ways was the “New Deal Coalition” falling apart?

Part One-Please submit a thoughtful response to at least ONE of the questions listed above. Each response should be at least one substantial paragraph, which includes specific details and historical evidence. Please be sure to use your own words – don’t just copy material from the textbook or some other source.

Part Two- In a SEPARATE post please indicate FIRST what interested you the most about this week’s topic and SECOND a question for other students to answer about something that confused you or something you want to know more about.

Part Three -Answer classmates’ by responding to their question from last week. This may require you to do a little research. However, don’t just post a link. You should respond with a small substantial paragraph in your own words and where possible you should offer details and specific historical evidence.

Here is last week post and the question that need a response;Being in the military, what interested me the most was the patriotism of Americans throughout WWII. Not only was American Propaganda showed in art such as films and posters,(Rosie the Riveter for example), but how many people wanted to enlist. Minorities we’re ready to defend their country during a time when segregation and racism still acceptable. Women enlisting and children helping out for the war effort by as easy as recycling. This made me proud to be an American.

While war showed the best in us, it also showed the worst. My question is, what would have you done differently to Japanese and Japanese-Americans differently on how they we’re treated here at home? Was internment necessary?

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