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Discrimination and prejudice

In this week’s Task you will explore prejudice and discrimination.

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Discrimination and prejudice
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Read chapter 18 in TogetherThe Science of Social Psychology.

Conduct a search, (e.g., YouTube or Ted Talk) to find at least four videos on the topic of prejudicestereotypes, and discrimination.

Using the videos you chose, develop working definitions of prejudicestereotypes, and discrimination.

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is an online test that measures attitudes and beliefs that one may not be willing to admit to. It was developed by Project Implicit at Harvard University. It is found at: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/education.html.

The IAT addresses several categories of associations. Each test takes just a few minutes to take.

Take three tests.

This week’s Task comes in two parts:

1. Write one paragraph for each term defining prejudicestereotypes, and discrimination.

2. Write a 300-500 word paper discussing:

a. the etiology of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination

b. how bias has changed over the years

c. how prejudice and biases can be improved

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