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Commuincations Questions Dicussion board

Question 1. In the age of technology when there are multiple ways to communicate, do you feel that we are a society of better listeners, or have we gotten worse in this digital age? Has social media affected our listening skills? Do you have any improvements to suggest? Explain.

Question 2. RESPOND TO THIS STUDENTS POST: “Bryan”What’s that you say? Better listening? Sorry wasn’t paying attention was checking my social media…Sadly there is a large gap in listening skills from older generations to the younger ones. With all the various ways of communicating, it is easy for us to find ways to get messages to other people without them having to actively listen. When we are finally able to talk with another person face to face, it seems as though they are half paying attention while they are distracted by bings and beeps and dings from text messages or Facebook alerts, or the newest Twitter post. As we talk, their minds drift to wondering what that missed message says, or if their missing some amazing social event.

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Commuincations Questions Dicussion board
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