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Mismanagement of water

ne page standard business memo format due in from now. Please read and follow the instructions below

BA 205 – Term Research Assignment

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Mismanagement of water
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Understanding the research process is critical in communication. This assignment will allow you to show your research ability, topic and research understanding, and persuasive aptitude. You may complete this assignment on your own or with one other student from the class. If you wish to work with another student, it is up to you to pair up as your instructor will not determine with whom you work.

There are two parts to this assignment: the research process itself and the written understanding of the research.

This assignment is designed to help you understand how to find research that is specific to your topic and is persuasive (along with informative) in content.

Part 1 – Topic Identification / Audience Analysis due May 8th

This part is about identifying a topic and considering the audience; it consists of two steps.

First Step: Choose a topic from the list below. If you don’t see a topic which interests you, you are welcome to suggest an alternative topic to your instructor for approval. Your goal is to persuade your audience to do one of the following.

· To implement an unlimited vacation policy

· To implement an employee volunteer program

· To devote XX hours per month on charitable work with XX agency

· To offer an education-reimbursement program

· To install a green roof on their building

· To become a certified B Corp

· To begin a social media program using XX social media tools

· To drive enrollment in a retirement plan

· To join a specific union

· To increase vaccination against a specific disease in a specific population

· To conserve water (or other energy type)

· To generate private investment in a particular business sector

· To implement an employee sabbatical program

· To implement all-user restrooms in their facility

· To implement a paid-parental leave policy

· To boycott (or support) a specific product or products that support a particular agenda

· To implement a telecommuting policy

· To encourage participation in an employee giving campaign

Next: Identify the following three items.

1. Who is your audience? Who are you persuading in your assignment? (This must be a business, government agency, or non-profit entity.) Identify the actual decision makers from your audience, by name and title. This cannot be a fictitious audience, it must be existing and researchable.

2. Who are you representing? To be able to persuade you have to be representing a known entity (business, government agency, or non-profit entity).

3. What specifically are you persuading them to do? What do you want the audience to do when you have successfully presented your argument? What is the audience’s next step if and when they are persuaded?

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