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Evaluation of dance movements in the video, and relationship to dance history

The first pic is the instructions (1df63b254….). The other pictures are related materials that need for this assignments. Must watch this video(https://youtu.be/sqWjm7BHEkI), and follow this instructions While many of the first modern dance performers, like Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller and even Ruth St. Denis, performed solos, once dancers were organized into a company, “aesthetic dance” choreography (as it was sometimes called) got more complex. Modern Dance used the abstraction of movement to elicit a feeling, rather than tell a story. Much like the abstract painters of the early 20th century, such as Picasso or Kandinsky, choreographers like Ted Shawn sought to use design in space, dynamic timing and natural movement to entice the audience to become intrigued by the performance – allowing them to form their own ideas about its meaning. Watch Ted Shawn’s piece, Kinetic Molpai below, performed by his all-male dance company. Questions: 1. Discuss at least four ways in which Modern Dance choreography differed from Classical Ballet. Give examples from this piece in contrast to ballet pieces that you have already seen in this course (Find examples from the other 5 pictures and the video. When describing the scene in the video, use “At the 5:23 of the video, the men falls down slowly…” Do not need quotes in the essay, do not use words exactly same from the pictures) 2. What feeling or ideas do you think that Ted Shawn is trying to convey in this piece?

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Evaluation of dance movements in the video, and relationship to dance history
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