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Field Interview Report

Please use the template to finish this report.  1. Follow the instructions on the template 2. Select 2 leaders (managers) from 2 different industries (you can make up names and industries). The industries are: technology, food, media, automotive, government, hospitality, international trade, banking, or health.  3. At the beginning of the interview explain the purpose for the interview. Also explain our definition of persuasion. This will assist the interviewee to understand what we mean by the term “persuasion”.  The purpose for the interview is to learn the ways that different leaders persuade individuals and their teams.  Additionally, it is to learn more about the persuasion skills he/she uses and how they are used.   Rubric Introduction = /1 Interview 1 = /10 Interview 2 = /10 Similarities/Differences = /5  Most Interesting to student = /4 Conclusion = /1 Appendix = /2 (Appendix for each set of interview questions) Grammar = /3 some grammar errors Total = /36

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Field Interview Report
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