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The New Media and Us

General Information As we have been reading in Signs of Life in the USA, technology and the new media ie. life in cyberspace, has not only influenced our daily lives, it has affected our personal identity and our presumption of personal space and privacy.   Instructions Using ideas from the articles you have read in Signs of Life, and the videos in this module, answer the following questions. Answer each question with 4-5 complex sentences, and cite the pages of your examples from the readings and videos with an in-text citation.  How to do that is explained below.  Clearly label your answer A, B, and C.  Do not use numbers.  If your computer automatically puts numbers, change them manually to letters. Proofread your answers for spelling, missing words, grammatical clarity, and correct capitalization and punctuation [they count].   A) What are the symptoms of addiction to social media based on your reading and video watching? B) According to your reading and video watching, what are the differences between “old” and “new” media and why do these differences matter? C) What are some advantages and problems of digital marketing strategies based on what you have read and watched?   Citing in MLA Format In MLA format when you put a reference to a page number where a specific idea or fact has been presented in (  ), this is referred to as an in-text citation.  So if you have an example from page 139, your example will be cited in your answer like this:  (139), not (pg. 139), not (page 139), not (Pg. 139), not (p. 139). Try to put your in-text citations in correct MLA format.  You are citing the reading, so you should only put the page number.   For e-books or the digital version of our books, the location numbers may or may not be the same as the print page numbers.  Location numbers are often 4-digit numbers such as (3459).  So if that is the location number, use that number.  If it is the same as the page number of the printed book because you are using the print book through Redshelf, then your in-text citation would look like this, (139), just like the print book.  But if you are using a different digital version such as through Kindle, you will be using a different number and it may have 4 digits. To cite the videos in this module, put the title or a shortened version of the video’s title in parentheses.  So for example, if you want to cite Adam Alter’s video above, just put (“Why Our Screens”).  It is safer and easier to use a shortened version of the video’s title than trying to find the author of the video since there may not be one provided.   Clearly label your answers  A, B, and C.  Do not number them. You will lose points if you number them.

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The New Media and Us
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