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Lifespan Development – Toddlerhood

Highlight the major changes (cognitive, physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual) one typically experiences through this period. Use APA format (7th edition styling), including a cover page, reference page, headers with paper title and page number on each page, and cite your sources throughout the paper. The paper also must be double spaced, 12 point font, and saved as a Microsoft Word document.  Rubric for Lifespan Development Paper:  Meets page requirement, 8-10 pages  not including title page, abstract, or reference section (5 points)  APA formatting – Title page, Abstract, Headers, Headings, In-text Citations, and Reference Section (5 points) Minimum 8 scholarly articles or books (10 points)  Strong thesis statement and introduction paragraph (5 points) Strong conclusion paragraph (5 points) Discuss and support with outside research each of the developmental areas (70 points) Physical  Cognitive  Emotional  Social Moral Spiritual

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Lifespan Development – Toddlerhood
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