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The characteristics of canada

CANADA: The Physical characteristic of the country eg. Its major landforms, its absolute and relative location, climate, weather, and other physical attributes as discussed in class. This section must include a map with proper notification of scale, direction, title, legend, the capital city, and other major physical locations such as mountains, streams, etc. clearly marked. (Chapters 1-4 in your text). Also included in the PP the climate and weather, and landforms.   CANADA: Cultural Characteristics: Discuss and elaborate on the cultural characteristics of the country in terms of the following: Population, Religion, ethnicity, food, dress Urban and Rural Divide, urbanization and its impact on the people Political organization and issues (how they are politically organized) Historical Narratives such as the impact of colonialism, major events that have impacted the nation Other issues unique to the country   CANADA: The Economic Characteristics that will have you analyze how the people of this country have used their physical location, physical/ natural resources ( e.g. Petroleum, minerals, natural landscape and beauty, people, history, geographic location, colonial heritage, natural disinter, etc.) to develop a unique way of life that is special to the economic identity of that country.   Note: this is linked to section 1 as well. However, in this section, you are answering the question ‘what do people in this country do to make a living for themselves and their families’

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The characteristics of canada
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