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Addiction- Article Review

1.  Choose an addiction that is not to a substance. There are many – examples-gambling, shopping, the internet, and so on).  The addiction does not need to be a DSM 5 diagnosis. The article should preferably be nursing focused. 2.  Find a scholarly article about the addiction. This can be either a research study or just an article about the topic.  The article must come from a scholarly journal, be US based and published between 2015-2020. It is preferable that this be a nursing journal if possible. 3. Provide a review of the article- -If the article is research include the following: a) purpose of study; b) design of study; c) major findings; d) implications. -If the article is not research, include the following:  a) purpose of article; b) major areas addressed related to the addiction and implications. 4.  Discuss what role nurses could play now and in the future working with patients with the addiction. Move beyond assessing patients and establishing a therapeutic relationship. Think out of the box with this.  The article by Tierney et al 2020 may provide you with ideas. 5. Attach a copy of the entire article to your post.

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Addiction- Article Review
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