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Research on person-centred therapy

Please write a formulation report on the case study client Robbie, drawing on theory and research on person-centred therapy to do so. Word limit: 2000 words The formulation report should include the following six sections. You should use subheadings to make this clear. The word lengths for each part of the report give you a guide to how much you are required to write in each section. They are not strict limits though, and as long as the whole report is within the overall word limit and each section is roughly the suggested amount of words you will not lose marks. Section 1: Description of Robbie and his current situation/context (200 words) This section should provide a readable summary of what is often a complex mass of information. It should be concise but include the key facts: the core presenting problems that cause the client’s current distress a brief summary of the client’s history (childhood, family constellation, schooling, work and family life as an adult). Section 2: Relevant theory and research (400 words) This part should provide an overview of the theories and literature being used in the formulation. It should include: a description of person-centred therapy, summarising the core ideas about how client difficulties evolve and the core approach (e.g. including techniques) for working with clients a summary of any other relevant theory and research that is being used in the formulation. Section 3: Formulation (800 words) Using theory (including theory of the chosen therapeutic model) and research, a formulation is presented of why the client is experiencing their current difficulties (causal factors and explanations). The formulation must: be trauma informed consider the role of social factors include an assessment of client strengths and resources integrate all the factors into a coherent narrative through their personal meaning to the client. Section 4: Intervention plan (300 words) Based on the formulation and drawing on the presented understanding of how personcentred therapy seeks to facilitate client change, this section should suggest potential goals for counselling and a tentative ‘plan’ for therapy. Section 5: Pluralistic approaches (200 words) This section should briefly discuss how a pluralistic approach could potentially be useful for Robbie and his presenting issues (e.g. if the GP would have referred him to this alternative form of therapy). The section might include a brief and succinct discussion of: the potential benefits and limitations of an integrative approach with Robbie integrative methods and techniques that could be used, and how they would be beneficial. Section 6: Reflection (100 words) This section (which is key for training but would not be included in official letters or reports) should offer a personal reflection on the experience of doing the formulation, which includes consideration of how your own values and assumptions may have influenced it.

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Research on person-centred therapy
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