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American immigration policy vs canadian

Your paper should be a comparative analysis of a similar domestic policy choice taken by two states at any time since 1945. The paper should explain the nature of the respective policies, and then seek to offer an explanation as to why each policy choice was made in each country and, most importantly, to explain the reasons for any differences or similarities between the policies. The explanation should identify what you believe to be the most important political, institutional, historical, economic and/or social factors that led to the adoption of the policy in each case. Your explanation is the central argument of the paper and should be reflected in your opening thesis. The policies chosen for each country must involve a similar set of issues. The policies may be specific (a particular piece of legislation for example) or general in nature. For example, you could write a comparison of the passage of Affordable Care Act in the USA and the creation of the National Health Service in the UK, or compare economic development policies in Vietnam and Cuba. In addition the countries being compared must have similar regime types at the time in question. For the purposes of this paper regime types will be categorized using the “free,” “partly free,” and “not free” designations assigned by Freedom House in their “Freedom in the World” Report. (http://www.freedomhouse.org/report-types/freedom-world#.VCCCX9h0zcs) In other words you might compare policies selected in two democratic systems or two authoritarian systems, but not policies selected by a democracy (free) and by a military dictatorship (not free). The Freedom in the World reports are available as far back as 1972. Make sure to use the appropriate designation for the year(s) of the policy in question. If you are writing about a pre-1972 policy you may make a common sense judgment regarding a country’s appropriate category using the Freedom of the World categories. As stated above the policies selected must be of a domestic nature. In other words the policy must primarily involve decisions, issues, activities, and resources within a country’s borders. Foreign policies may involve too many external factors to allow for a proper comparison between countries’ political systems and cultures. Your paper will also be evaluated on the basis of the criteria described in the assignment rubric below. It must have a clear, identifiable thesis statement stated at the start of the paper backed up by strong supporting evidence. It must also have organizational clarity so that the thoughts presented flow in a clear, orderly manner.

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American immigration policy vs canadian
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