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Ethics in law, business and management

Same instructions (uploaded)  with no rubric pasted below (must highlight to read); must download rubric….. Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this week, students should be able to:  Recognize a range of ethical decision-making processes, compare those processes, and determine which process would be most appropriate in a particular situation. Explore the variety of moral perspectives on ethical behavior in order to both better understand one’s own approach and the approaches of others. Understand the role leadership plays in creating a climate that supports consistently ethical decisions being made. Understand the role of organizational culture on the likelihood that decisions will or will not be made in a consistently ethical manner. Recognize how diverse workforces impacts how differently various stakeholders might view decisions with ethical implications. Mini-Paper #1  :  A US Marines Ethical delimma – Sexual Harassment or sucicude  as a topic  Identify and analyze specific ethical problem in your current or past organization. Pick a problem of manageable size.  The nature of the ethical problem is up to you but make sure there is an ethical component to the problem since you will be analyzing it.  Remember, this is an application exercise not a history lesson or presentation of abstract course material. This is a mini-paper, which means it should be only 3-5 pages long (12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced).  Brief does not mean superficial.  You will have think carefully to best use the concepts from the course to help you answer the questions.  Make sure you consult the grading rubric as you prepare your mini-paper and prior to submission.  The grading rubric will be used to grade your mini-paper. In narrative form, address the following areas: What is the nature of the ethical breakdown)?  What about do you question ethically? What about the situation do you find acceptable? How common is this problem?  What guidance does the organization provide? What action would you recommend? 2019 APA guidelines are required.  It is strongly suggested that you use these questions as sub-headings in your mini-paper to ensure you address each area and that the instructor can locate specific material expected to address each of the questions.

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Ethics in law, business and management
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