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metabolomics related analytical technique

COVER PAGE: Use a cover page with the title, name, date, course, etc. (5 Points) BODY: The body of your paper should have 5 pages, not including figures. Figures are not required. Figures are allowed, but should be included at the end of the paper just before the references. Space taken up by figures will NOT count toward the 5 page requirement. No more than 2 figures allowed. Figures will not count toward or against the grade. (75 Points) REFERENCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY: You need at least 2 references (references for the figures do not count). Cite the references at the end. You MUST note the references in the body of the text as each is used. Just a list at the end will not get full credit. (10 Points) FORMAT AND STYLE: Use 11 or 12 font with double-spacing and 1 inch margins. The font used should be a common font that is easy to read. I do not care what style you use. I prefer APA, but any recognized style is acceptable. Regardless, you MUST choose a style, it is up to you. (10 Points)

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metabolomics related analytical technique
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