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Data Literacy and Reflection

The purpose of this data literacy and reflection project is to assess a teacher’s ability to analyze assessment data and reflect on instruction. You will complete the data literacy and reflection project in three parts: 1) instructional decision-making, 2) analysis of student learning, and 3) reflection and self-evaluation. All three parts are pieces of the same data literacy and reflection project.

This data literacy and reflection project will assess your ability to demonstrate success in the following learning goals:

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Data Literacy and Reflection
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  1. Instructional decision making: The teacher will modify the mini lesson to address what you learned when you analyzed data from assessments.
  2. Analysis of student learning: The teacher will group analyzed data to determine how varied student populations progressed in the lesson.
  3. Reflection and self evaluation: The teacher will reflect on the effectiveness of their planning and ways to improve it through professional development.
  4. Diversity and differentiation: The teacher will recognize how data analysis points out how specific modifications can be made to promote success for varied student populations.
  5. 21st century skills: The teacher will recognize appropriate use of digital tools to meet the needs of varied student populations.

The page that follows will break down the task in detail, so that you can see how the above learning goals come together in this one project. Your instructor will guide you in breaking down the task throughout the semester.

You will complete the data literacy and reflection in a detailed, written analysis. This project assumes that you have already implemented a lesson and have the results of assessments. If you do not have real data from your own assessments implemented in the field, you will be using simulated assessment data provided by your instructor or mentor teacher. These data will be necessary to complete all three tasks in this project. In some cases, your instructor may ask you to complete them in a different order from those listed here, depending on how data will be analyzed or the project written out.


You can begin with the school like a research paper at the beginning I to use the following

School: Diaz Villareal Elementary And District La Joya use any resources needed just make sure you reference them and cite it at the end of the paper add some charts of the school grades for star test and for ethnicity and add a description on the bottom for the graphs all that is on red is an example of it

Community, District, School Factors

A.X Benavides is an Elementary school in Brownsville, Texas. Benavides Elementary is part of Brownsville Independent School District. Benavides Elementary is 25-30 minutes away from the U.S- Mexico Border. Since the school is in a border town, most of the students are Mexican American students. Most of the students are bilingual in English and Spanish but most of the classes, schoolwork and signs are in English.

Most of teachers and staff are also bilingual. Parents and community around the school are mostly bilingual but there is only Spanish speaking parents and community members too.  There’s motivational posters and school work showcased in the halls. They have posters encouraging the students to be the best students and persons they can be for example they

had a big poster encouraging students to be kind to one another. Each classroom has schoolwork being showcased outside, there’s drawings, essays and projects in the walls.  There’s some bilingual signs around the school.

In the school, 98% percent of the students are Hispanic which is 804 students, 0.2% students are African American which is only 2 students in the school, 0.4% students are white which is 4 students, 1.1% students are Asian which is 9 students in the school. In the school, 91.2% of the teachers are Hispanic which is 43 teachers, 8.8% of the teachers are white which is 4 teachers in the school.

There’s 731 students who are economically disadvantaged which is 89.4% percent of the students. At the school there is 87 non-educational disadvantaged students which is 10.6% percent of the students, there is 76 section 504 students which is 9.3% of the students. 29.2% of the students are English Learners which is 239 students. 5.1% of the students have Dyslexia which is 42 students. There’s 505 students who at At-Risk which is 61.7% percent.

A total of 87 students have disabilities, 32 students have intellectual disabilities which 36.8% of the students, 23 students have physical disabilities which is 26.4% of the students, 11 students have autism which is 12.6% of the students, 11 students have behavioral disabilities which is 12.6% of the students, there’s 10 students who have non-categorical early childhood which is 11.5% of the students.

STAAR performance rates of the school are different to the ones from the districts. In Grade 3 reading the performance rate of approaches grade level was 82% percent compared to 80% of the district, the at meets grade level is 45% while the districts rate is 46%. In grade 3 math, the approaches grade level was 87% while the districts rate was 85%, the meets grade level was 57% while the districts level was 56%, the master’s rate of the school was 28% while of the district was 27%. The grade 4 reading approaches grade level rate is 87% while the districts rate was 83% while the masters grade level rate was 22% percent and at the district level was 23%. Grade 4 mathematics approaches grade level was 89% while the districts was 82%, the masters grade level was 30% which was the same rate as the district. Grade 5 reading approaches grade level of the school was 95% while the districts rate was 91%, the masters grade level of the school was 31% while the districts rate was 28%. Grade 5 mathematics approaches grade level of the 100% while the districts rate was 96%, masters grade level of the school was 29% while the districts was 28%

The students are doing the best they can and you can see it in the STAARS report and the student focus on achievement. Also, the school is doing very good according to the STAARS report, they are doing what they set to do and they are doing better than the district average. The school provides support for students by providing free educational websites, also provide help for E.S.L students who may need help with their English homework. They also provide for the parents an opportunity to be involved in the school by creating weekly parent meetings and the opportunity to become a parent volunteer.

Mini Lesson Plan Example

I will attach a video on an example of mini lesson plan but for this assignment my lesson plan has to be for grade kindergarten use the teks website but this is what I had for now you can change it

(6) Reading/Vocabulary Development. Students understand new vocabulary and use it when reading and writing. Students are expected to:

(A) identify words that name actions (verbs) and words that name persons, places, or things (nouns);

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Teks 1.6 (A) 1.6(A)
Objectives The student will be able to explain what verbs is and identify the different types of verbs The student will be able to explain what nouns is and identify the different types of nouns The student will effectively use nouns and verbs in sentence composition The student will create
Engagement Questions
Closing task:

Description on lesson plan and a paragraph explaining the mini lesson

Use all this in the assignment
Explain the this rubric in a paragraph and why its good to have a rubric.

Grade K Scoring Rubric 

Scores   Needs Improvement  Fair  Good Excellent

The student ends each sentence with appropriate and accurate punctuation.

1 2 3 4

The student uses capital letters to begin sentences and for names.






The student uses subject/verb agreement and writes complete sentences that make sense.

           1    2    3   



The student writes on topic and adds details. 



   2    3        4

The student writes most sight words correctly and applies spelling rules.

        1    2    3        4


Analysis of student learning

3Aligned to 2nd grade ELA TEKS

Goal 2: Students will use standard English mechanics (punctuation,capitalization, spelling)

Student 2 and Student 5 Prompts for Special Education and Low Socioeconomic status 

Make a description for this 2 pictures add them in the document so it will be picture and paragraph after that like his spelling and handwriting and a grade that will be given and

Bar Chart

Bar Graph

Student 2 – 45/76

Student 11- 62/77

Student 12- 55/71

Column Chart

And an at the end a reflection on paper  and put in any resources

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