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Role of Play Therapy with K-8 Children who experience trauma

History and development of clinical mental health counseling, mental health services delivery, and the evolution of major theories and models of change related to learning, cognitive development, psychosocial development and social roles across the life span   Search for ‘meta-review’ articles or ‘review of literature’ article. The OUTLINE of Sections for your Focused Literature Review Paper which is in APA style: 1.) Title Page 2.) Introduction and background information   define your topic and provide a context for reviewing the literature;   provides your reason(s) for reviewing this area of literature   provide the organization and order of the review   describe what you will and will not include (the scope) in the review Example: A number of studies have shown the negative impact of environmental stressors on brain neuroplasticity across the lifespan. The focus of this Literature Review Paper is on food insecurity (an environmental stressor) on neuroplasticity in children in Middle Childhood (6-11 years). Therefore, other stages of development may be referred to, but will not be reviewed in detail. 3.) Body of the review containing the discussion of sources   use common themes to organize the literature   indicate what you see as the importance of your chosen topic to the wider subject area (e.g. between changes in neuroplasticity related to food insecurity and success future growth and development). In other words, why might your topic matter beyond the immediate setting?   move from a broader literature to your specific focus   comparative, evaluative, and summative discussion of the literature being reviewed Page 16 of 17  Appropriately analyze and synthesize ideas and conclusions 4.) Conclusion  Identify and summarize important aspects of the literature in a way that contributes to the reader’s understanding  Highlight any significant gaps in knowledge  Indicate areas that would be fruitful for further, or future study 5.) References  Remember: APA Style

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Role of Play Therapy with K-8 Children who experience trauma
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