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Graduation Thesis – Grand Bahama International Airport

Literature Review • Contextualize for your design problem supported by data if possible • Historical and theoretical background for the problem and solutions offered • Technical issues related depending on your selected design problem, • Current pressing issues that would affect the scene, ex. sustainability, health and wellbeing, critical climatic issues, productive architecture, COVID 19 • Case studies presentation and analysis. At least 2-3 relevant cases. If needed other thematic cases as discussed in class This chapter should conclude with a statement (1-3) pages that synthesize all the info in the chapter. This furnishes ground for the next chapter of programming issues.   My Instructions: Overview For my thesis paper I decided to do an International Airport. We were directed to find a problem in the community and provide architectural solutions. Last year September the Bahamas had a terrible category 5 hurricane (Dorian) that devastated the island of Grand Bahama and left residents and the economy of the island in a depressing state. As it stands, the Grand Bahama International Airport Terminal is not in use. My intent is to design a modern and sustainable structure that creates a gateway to the island of Grand Bahama. (which is not the capital of the Bahamas but second largest populated island) Design problems: ·       Lack of proper infrastructure and sustainable features. This airport has been damaged more than 4 times from major hurricanes with flooding being major factor. ·       Lack of aesthetics features (Innovative designs). The existing airport is not appealing upon entry. ·       Safety regulations and building codes ·       Circulation within the airport   Grand Bahama International Airport 1. For this paper, I need a literature review of case studies depicting successful International Airport designs. They must include: ·       A similar climate to the Bahamas and experience hurricanes (NOTE: this airport is 1.7 miles away for the ocean which is salt water) ·       A design that demonstrates an elevated structure to help with flooding (the building gets flooded on a rainy day so that structure needs to be elevated) ·       Sustainable features within the structure (solar panels, water catchment system or practice daylighting) 2. Review all aspects of the International Airport such as: ·       Airport operations and requirements ·       The square footage ·       Modern and advance technology   3. Specify how the interior and exterior spaces are set up, as well as their adjacencies. 4. Sustainable Building Materials (appropriate for Bahamian Climate) 5. Hurricane proof materials (façade, flooring, walls, paint, roof)

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Graduation Thesis – Grand Bahama International Airport
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