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Gaspar Noé Film Editor Research Paper

1. Thesis for your paper – what makes this editor worth studying Research your editor looking for some guiding observation(s) or theme around which to build the ideas for your paper & presentation. Choose something that surprises you; that you find unique, fascinating or just downright instructive. It could be a style you observe, away they handle particular kinds of material, or their philosophical approach to storytelling, or to the process of editing itself. Use: • The textbook • Interviews/articles – online, from journals, what colleagues have said • Commentary tracks • Watch clips, Start your paper with this opening idea. It could take 1-3 paragraphs to express. It is the opening act, where you set up the points you will make through the rest of your paper. Make sure this sets up what you will explore and leads to a wrap up at the end. 2. Body of the Paper should discuss key points about the editor that elaborate and demonstrate the theme you set up, and for which you can find supporting evidence in the clips you will describe and screen in class. Consider these areas as you write: A. The editor’s theories about filmmaking and the practice of editing; collaborations with directors; the role technology has played in their work; their experience with intuition, music, and rhythm; or the motivation behind choosing the projects they edit. B. Give some background about the editor: how they started, what projects they have worked on, and with whom. C. Advice they may offer to young filmmakers. 3. Conclusion The final paragraph should be a summary and conclusion drawn from your analysis. What has your research and inquiry into this filmmaker brought you to conclude about their work, about editing in general, about your reason for studying them? How do your thesis statement and the exploration you covered in this paper come together in the conclusion? You might include your reactions to what you have learned about the editor, and how your research has influenced your own approach. For example, do they work in a way that is just like you approach editing? Or are you inspired to look at things differently? The paper must be about 3-4 pages long – double spaced. A SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE ASSIGNMENT WILL INCLUDE: Paper: Good organization – includes a thesis statement, development of ideas, conclusion Good technical aspects of writing: correct grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure Cite all source material using quotes and/or footnotes (you will need a minimum of three different sources) IF YOU WATCHED GASPAR NOE FILMS, YOU ARE THE RIGHT WRITER FOR THIS PAPER.

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Gaspar Noé Film Editor Research Paper
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