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Tutorting Report

This is a Tutoring report based on 3 lesson. Since I did not do the tutoring, some situation should be made up. I have a writing sample which will make this easier. Tutoring Report Guidelines   You are to report on each section. You may use the prompts as headings if you wish. You must write in full sentence-full paragraph form.     Planning ü  How did you select your learner? ü  Describe your needs analysis. What procedures did you use to determine need (from the learner, from the learner’s environment) that your lessons purport to meeta? ü  What was the outcome of your needs analysis? In other words, what was to be topic, scope and sequence, and language objectives       Instruction ü  Present your lesson plans. ü  For each lesson, what was your rationale for the beginning, middle, and end of your lessons? ü  Describe how you and your student(s) interacted during each lesson? To what extent were they instructor-guided vs student-guided? ü  How was the learner exposed to new information? For example, was it a process of discovery or presentation? Was there explicit focus on language or implicit focus on language and language ability? On which dimensions of language? ü  Where was there evidence of learner “productive struggle” during the lesson (if there was any)?. See here: http://www.wismath.org/resources/Pictures/Session%20113.pdf   ü  Was there evidence of “flow”.  See here: https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/2017/10/25/the-flow-model/       Assessment Present your assessment tools and a rationale for why you chose to use them? For example, did you choose to issue some kind of discrete point, criterion-referenced instrument, or did you choose to assess through tasks and activities? See here for elaboration: https://www.edglossary.org/formative-assessment/   How did you use information to make decisions about “next steps”? What next steps would you take?

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Tutorting Report
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