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Final Exam Test Prep (Crimonology)

1.    You are given the opportunity to meet Bursik and Grasmick at a conference. You ask, “In light of your theory, what three policies or interventions might be undertaken to help solve crime in inner-city neighborhoods?” What do you think their answer would be? 2.    What are the policy implications of collective efficacy? What might Sampson and his colleagues say would be some key ways to increase collective efficacy and reduce crime rates in a community? Given their perspective, what type of policing or community corrections might Sampson et al. endorse? 3.    What do Cloward and Ohlin mean when they talk about differentials in access both to illegitimate and legitimate means? Why are both legitimate and illegitimate means important in explaining crime? 4.    Imagine that you have been elected governor of your state. You are now in a position to establish a correctional system based on peacemaking principles. What would this system look like? How would it differ from the current correctional system? 5.    For Bonger, what is the solution to reducing crime? 6.    Why is crime a matter of “doing gender”? Are there other ways to “do gender”? 7.    Steffensmeier and Allan state that traditional theories can help explain female offending and the gender gap in crime, but there are some questions about gender and crime they have trouble explaining. What are these questions? 8.    Describe Moffitt’s theory of adolescence-limited antisocial behavior. Why is it that individuals in the “adolescence-limited” group are able to desist from crime in early adulthood while individuals in the “life-course-persistent” group are not? 9.    Why would Laub and Sampson argue that most criminological theories are overly deterministic? How does their theory try to fix this deficiency? 10.  Elliott et al. argue that individuals with strong social bonds may experience an attenuation of these bonds for several reasons. What are these reasons?

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Final Exam Test Prep (Crimonology)
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