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moral issue – Research Paper

SAIS High School Students


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moral issue – Research Paper
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Below are guidelines for high school students to follow once they have completed the reading of their books; the class– assigned books (9-12) and a selection from their supplemental reading list (10-12).

  • Write a book report about a selection from their class supplemental reading list

High School Book Report


Use this format to help you organize and write your book report on your selection from the supplemental reading list.


General information:  Follow the APA / MLA format.  Paragraphs must be a minimum of three to five sentences.  Please type your report in 12 pt., Times New Roman, black font. Titles must be in italics or underlined. Your book report should contain the following:

  1. Title of the book (underlined or italicized)
  1. Author
  1. Type of book: Fiction/Nonfiction
  1. Setting: Time and Place (Be specific)
  1. Told in the First, Second, or Third person. (Person here means that the language indicates “through whose eyes,” you see the action in the book.)
Point of View Singular Plural
First Person I, me We, us
Second Person You You
Third Person He, She, It They, Them
  1. Protagonist: Who is the story or novel’s central character?
  1. Antagonist: Who are the characters or forces in conflict with or in opposition to the protagonist or main character?  Identify them and show how they oppose the main character.  (Remember, the antagonist can be a person, nature, or the main character himself.)
  1. List any additional characters that are central to the plot and describe them briefly.
  1. Limit plot summary to one substantial paragraph.
  1. Your opinion: What you liked or disliked about the book. How could it have been improved?
  1. Include a memorable quote: Were you inspired by a particular line or character’s remark from the book?
  1. Conclusion: Summarize your report in a brief, concluding paragraph. For example, your opening sentence of the concluding paragraph could read:  In conclusion, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is the story of a family who is unable to age.  For years, this secret is closely guarded; however, on a hot summer day, fate takes hold and changes the Tuck’s lives forever.










ECA High School Rubric for Summer Reading Book Report


Category Scoring Point Total


•       Has a clear beginning, middle and end

•       Stays on topic/addresses the specific writing prompt

•       Contains a minimum of five indented paragraphs


   Lowest                     Highest

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1         2       3        4      5

15 points

Mechanics/Grammar/Sentence Structure

•      Contains few errors in the correct usage of mechanics (i.e., italicizing, quotation marks, commas, semicolons, apostrophes, capitalization, and spelling)

•      Contains no errors in grammar usage (complete sentences, verb tense, written in the third person)

•      Exhibits logical order (e.g. use of appropriate synonyms for words, ex: “bring” instead of “get.”)


  Lowest                      Highest

1    2     3     4      5

6      7      8     9     10

11     12    13    14    15

15 points

APA/MLA Format

• https//owl.english.purdue.edu

  Lowest                      Highest

1        2       3       4       5

10 points


•     Contains precise and vivid language (grade-level vocabulary or above) (e.g. use of appropriate synonyms for words, ex. “bring” instead of “get.”)


  Lowest                      Highest

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

10 points


•       Contains title, author, type of book

•       Specifically discusses setting

•       Identifies point of view and discusses how the point of view helps tell the story

•       Identifies and describes the protagonist and antagonist

•       Discusses the central conflict

•       Begins with an interesting opening and an introductory paragraph that leads the reader naturally into the book’s content

•       Summarizes plot clearly and concisely

•       Opinion of book is given with specific reasons for opinion

•       Contains a quote with an explanation of quotes significance

•       Conclusion neatly summarizes the book and what the student learned from their reading

  Lowest                      Highest

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5        1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

1        2       3       4       5

50 points



100 points

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