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Case study on IKEA

Your second case study will focus on IKEA. In the last four weeks, you have had the opportunity to examine this organization in detail and describe some of the factors that drive the organization, including company values, culture, technological practices, and their response to innovation.  In addition to drawing upon your Video Topic discussions, be sure to read the Integrated Case 3.0: “IKEA: Scandinavian Style” found on page 572 of your textbook. Your case study must be between 5-7 pages in length (using MLA style), double-spaced, 12 point, and one-inch margins.  This case study must contain the following: A synopsis. A description of the design and structure of the organization. An examination of the culture of the organization and an outline of the company values. A description of what motivates the employees. (Motivational Practices) An analysis of environmental concerns surrounding the organization. A review of the organization’s practices concerning social responsibility. An assessment of how the company is a learning organization. A conclusion that summarizes your main points. In addition to the aforementioned criteria, be sure to address the following: An evaluation of the organization’s technological practices. A description of the innovative qualities and indicators for change.  Issues you identify regarding power, conflict, control, and political stance. In addition to references to the textbook, you must include at least three (3) quality outside references (library, web, etc.) to support your case study. Please include a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page at the end of each Case Study. (But no Title Page is required)

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Case study on IKEA
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