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Disscussion on the Novel Picking Cotton

This novel “ Picking Cotton” is a story about a African American wrongly Accused of raping a College Caucasian women and was sent to prison for years, but released after a man of similar features confessed to the Crime. This novel talks about how wrongfully the system can be for both accused suspect and victim. (please review novel) Now you’ve read that here’s My assignment Discussion #2 – Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Now that you’ve read Picking Cotton, please reflect on the theme of stereotyping throughout the text. In this discussion, you will synthesize this topic by analyzing how stereotyping affected Mr. Ronald Cotton, Ms. Jennifer Thompson, and ultimately, how it affects you. Oftentimes, people are stereotyped for one of the following reasons: age, culture, disability, education level, gender, occupation, personal style, political party, race, region of the country you’re from, religion, sexuality, single parent, young parent, and socio-economic class. Part I –Please analyze at least 3 ways Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson are stereotyped in this story. How did Thompson as a white female college student strengthen and/or weaken Cotton’s criminal profile? Was Cotton subject to stereotyping based on race alone or were there other factors involved such as gender and/or socio-economic class? Provide at least two quotes from the memoir and one quote from the 60 Minutes episode to develop your discussion. Part II – Please choose at least 3 items on the list above to discuss ways you may have been stereotyped in your life. How are these profiles of you correct or incorrect? How are you “seen” and how do you want to be “seen”? Please specify at least three specific examples. Documentation Tips: Don’t forget to integrate your quotes smoothly into your sentences. A sentence in your response might look like this: Thompson notes that during the trial in the courtroom, “Ronald Cotton must have had three times more people there than I did” (Thompson and Cotton 67). Provide a Works Cited entry beneath your response. Cite the book as a book with two authors. Cite the 60 Minutes episode as a work on a website. Don’t forget to include proper in-text citations after each quote (see handbook on in-text citations) A description of Me : I’m a 22 year old African American woman who often is stereotyped in school , stores, and work. please use information for part 2

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Disscussion on the Novel Picking Cotton
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