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Social Work Theories

Using systems and ecological theory with crisis intervention to explore a case study. Using systems theory to find explain what’s wrong with the mother and using ecological theory to explain what’s wrong with the child and using crisis intervention as a practice approach also talking about crisis prevention. I will attach the case study and the unit outline. It is assessment 2. Overview of the selected social work practice theory Application of your chosen 2 theories/ practice approaches a case scenario from this unit Outline the role of the social worker including explain the core skills/ techniques and how you would apply them. Critique of the strengths and potential limitation/ misuse of the theory or approaches. Explore social work values and ethics in relation to the chosen theories Critically evaluate the impact of these theories on the person in the case scenario Effective use of evidence/ data/ sources (minimum of 10 references are required) Structure and development of material in essay format Main ideas clearly and logically presented Word count is within + or – 10% of requirement Referencing using APA (7th edition) conventions 12. Academic style guidelines followed as outlined in the learning support website https://sls.navitas- professional.edu.au/academic-writing-0 and first/third person writing style is applied where relevant

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Social Work Theories
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