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Leadership and Management

I work for a middle college program and I support dual-enrolled high school students who are simultaneously earning an associate degree and high school diploma. It is a huge partnership between a community college and a school district. There are several types of leadership styles involved and we do not always see eye to eye.  I need a paper that discusses leadership and organizational culture. What type of effect do leaders have on organizational culture? What type of influence do leaders have on organizational culture whether positive or negative. How can leaders improve, what traits do they need to be successful? I also need specific experiences, incidents, situations, and interactions.  Actual assignment: Prepare a 10 page (double spaced) paper describing leadership theories/approaches that are relevant to you and your professional/personal situation.   Use the theories/perspectives, themes, and ideas in-class readings and/or additional readings that you find useful. In addition, the paper should describe specific experiences, incidents, situations, and/or interactions that you have gleaned from observation/interaction and interviews with relevant leaders or followers.  The content and clarity of ideas within the summary will count 400 percentage points and the remaining 50 points is for presentation (e.g., citations, grammar, and spelling).

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Leadership and Management
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