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Screw Compressors

You are in charge of a piece of equipment for your company.  Discuss what possible challenges it might present and how you could address those challenges. SCREW COMPRESSORS  The paper should be approximately 8-10 pages long, double-spaced.  It should consist of the following sections: ·      Abstract ·      Introduction – start by giving details about your position and company.  Then mention why this equipment is needed for your plant operation or design. Be creative, look up companies and decide which one you want to work for (or you are working for).  Then, find out why this specific equipment is needed in your company’s operation and how it will be used (i.e. you are working in pharmaceutical plant and you are in charge of a plug flow reactor). ·      Description and Function – how the equipment of choice is constructed, what materials are used, how large or small.  Detail about what the equipment does, and how it works.  What are common uses of the equipment? ·      Possible Challenges Encountered and Their Solutions – what are the disadvantages to using this equipment?  Do they use large amounts of energy?  Do they produce large amounts of waste materials?  Are there safety issues, such as explosive situations, toxic materials, etc.  Can these problems be improved upon?  Of course, you will need to look in the literature for your chosen equipment’s challenges and solutions.  In addition, I expect your “own” thoughts–independent of the literature–on solutions and improvements to your piece of equipment.  If the paper does not contain your own thoughts in this section, the paper will not meet the requirements. ·      Conclusion ·      References   References Your paper should include information from many different sources, and from a variety of different formats.  If you use information from the internet, it should be from a reputable site and properly cited.  Note that Wikipedia is not considered a primary source of information and therefore will not be accepted as a “reputable” citation. You should also look for information from journals, patents, and books.  Information taken from a source should be properly cited within the text, using the IEEE format.  If you feel the need to copy the wording of a site, you should place it in quotation marks and cite it.  If you use any figures from other sources, you must reference the source in the caption of the figure.

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Screw Compressors
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