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Sheikh Zayed’s life achievements and challenges.

Write a 1500 word essay on one aspect of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AlNahyan life achievements and challenges. It can be a topic from any part of his life. You must reference audio and video material that you have identified throughout the course. You will discuss your topic and support it with readings. You may also use interviews and surveys. You must use APA referencing and double spaced 12 point Times New Roman font.  This was my audio link which is downloading from apple store and you can hear all audios: https://www.na.ae/en/mediacenter/news/news.aspx?I  My video link is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SaETgDmSTA  Just use the resources of the readings I uploaded, do not use any outside resources only if needed for quotes of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AlNahyan.  Write that I did an interview with Dr. Ayesha BilKhair from the National Archives Abu Dhabi and put the interview with the resources at the end so the interview as a reference and the instructor told me that there is a specific way to site, I should integrate what she told me and do an intext citation the same way I do for the book or other sources, In my bibliography I separate it so I would have a heading of a primary source and secondary sources and write who I interviewed (APA interview citation)

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Sheikh Zayed’s life achievements and challenges.
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