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Motor Learning and Motor Development (MLMD)

Students will write an academic a paper, which covers the most important concepts in MLMD. The paper should include all of the required contents, which are: ·         Introduce the task (e.g., a martial arts movement, cup stacking sequence, dance sequence, rock climbing, wrestling move, a tennis serve, etc); Show your viewers how to perform it correctly; ·         Illustrate and/or describe the typical stages of learning that skill/task; ·         Communicate the type, amount, and frequency of feedback that should be given at EACH STAGE OF LEARNING to help the learning of your skill/task; ·         Show how the practice experience should be structured (e.g., whole vs part, constant vs variable practice, massed or distributed) to enhance the learning of your task at EACH STAGE of LEARNING.   How You Will Be Graded: A quantitative rating scale will be used to evaluate the extent to which a particular task was completed. These ratings will be performed using the following scale:     Rating Scale Descriptors 0     5    10   Introduction- Introduced the skill you choose with clarity, communicating something interesting about the skill/task to gain viewers’ attention. 0   5    10   15    20   Critical Elements- Develop cues to highlight the key components that make up the skill or task. 0    5    10   15   20   Stages of Learning- Illustrate and/or described the stages of learning that skill or task based on research (Fitts & Posner, Gentile, Schmidt – in notes & notations). 0    5   10    15   20   Augmented Feedback-  Described or illustrated the amount, types and frequency of feedback that should be given at EACH STAGE OF LEARNING to optimize the learning of the task 0    5   10    15   20   Practice Structure- Illustrated in some way (verbally, chart, diagram, demonstration, etc.) away for structuring or designing the practice experience (e.g., practice variability, whole vs. part practice, and/or massed vs. distributed) to optimize skill acquisition. 0    5     10   Summary – Provided a final summary reinterring the key points covered in the paper and how this would benefit either coaches, trainers, physical educators, or physical therapists.       /100 TOTAL Qualitative Rating Scale Rating   Criteria Paper length You are expected to write a 4-6 page paper. Each page short or long will result in an automatic deduction of 15 points.   Grammar and paper organization   You are expected to write with good grammar and paper organization. You can download free Grammarly to improve your grammar, and you are expected to break your paper into different sections based on the required contents. Poor grammar and organization will result in as many as 15 points deduction.

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Motor Learning and Motor Development (MLMD)
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