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Issues with the Transgender Community Research

This week you will be choosing your research paper topic. I will provide some options below to get you started. All of the topics that I am providing you with have readings that accompany them in your They Say, I Say text that you are allowed to use as resources. Keep in mind that each of these is a broad topic. There are many subtopics that can be chosen based on your research and opinions. Also, you are not limited to these choices. They are just to get your started.

This week you will choose a topic and write 1-2 paragraphs detailing why you chose the topic and what your position is on the issue. You should also reference at least one article in your paragraph. It can be a paraphrase or direct quotation.

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Issues with the Transgender Community Research
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Topic Choices:

1) A Divided America

2) Wealth Inequality in the United States

3) Everyone Should Go To College

4) Immigration and Culture

5) The Impact of Technology on the Modern World

6) The Effects of Texting and Social Media on Communication

7) Gender Roles (in any field)

8) The Glass Ceiling

9) Transgender Issues

10) The Fast Food Industry and Western Diet

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