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Issues Affecting Families Today

Pretend that you are an influential strategist and/or community/organizational representative l (ex: educational or health care system) who is working to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Convince a group of governmental policy administrators that there are 5 critically important issues affecting families that warrant immediately increased public resource devotion and attention due to the magnitude of their harm on individuals and society. Be specific and ensure your answers reflect your reading of the assigned module content. List and briefly describe the issues.

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Issues Affecting Families Today
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2. Then, you need to ensure that these policy administrators understand the individual and social impact/consequences associated with each of the five problematic issue you have selected to emphasize in your communications with them.

  • When creating your arguments for the policy-makers, be certain that you utilize and include at least five specific references to supporting course materials assigned within module #2 (data/research results, theories, concepts, terms, etc.)

3. Identify three or more relationships representing connections between the issues and topics discussed across each of the three chapters assigned in this module. They can be related to the issues you discussed in 2 and 3 above.






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