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Delivering bad news message

What are the two main objectives of a bad-news message, and how can you achieve them?Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel Corporation, said, “The worse the news, the more effort that should go into communicating it.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?What factors have a major impact on the content and organization of a bad-news message?When is it appropriate to use the direct organizational plan for a bad-news message?Explain when to use an indirect plan for delivering bad news.Describe the five characteristics of an effective opening buffer for a bad-news message.Assume that you are refusing a request to provide free software for each participant at a conference. List four types of effective buffers, and then write an effective buffer for each type that you listed.What should you keep in mind when discussing the reasons in a bad-news message?How can you subordinate negative news?Should an apology be included in a bad-news message? Why or why not?What are four common errors to avoid when ending a bad-news message? Provide an example of each.Why is the counterproposal an effective ending to a bad-news message? Give an example of a situation in which a counterproposal might be appropriate.Why must a writer be careful when rejecting a person’s idea or proposal?List three types of bad-news replies discussed in the textbook. Provide an example of a situation wherein each type of reply is appropriate.How does the organizational plan for refusing a “big” favor differ from the organizational plan for refusing a routine favor?What factors should you consider when refusing a claim?

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Delivering bad news message
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