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Porters five forces model – the Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Under Porters five forces model, please only look at the Bargaining Power of Suppliers section:
Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

Supplier concentration: Compared to buyers, when suppliers are focused, there are few suppliers and several purchasers. The bargaining power of suppliers is strong. Alternatively, if the customer changes prices, the cost of moving from the product of one supplier to the product of another supplier is substantial. Suppliers’ bargaining power is strong. If suppliers are able to quickly step forward, integrate or start manufacturing the product of the customer themselves, then supplier power is high. If the buyer is not price sensitive and uneducated with regard to the commodity, supplier power is high. If the supplier’s commodity is highly differentiated, the negotiating power of the supplier is high. If the customer doesn’t constitute a substantial portion of the supplier’s revenue, the negotiating power of suppliers is high. If replacement goods are not available on the market, then the power of the supplier is high. For all of these variables, if the opposite happens, supplier power is low. Low supplier concentration, low switching costs, no obstacle to forward integration, more exposure to buyer prices, well-educated consumers, buyers purchasing large quantities of standardized goods, and the availability of replacement products for example.

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Porters five forces model – the Bargaining Power of Suppliers
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Presence of substitute inputs: The degree to which an input (or near replacement) can be switched to another supplier. The higher the number and proximity of alternative inputs, the lower the suppliers’ bargaining power.

Differentiation of inputs: Relates to appreciate, special, and observable product distinctions that exist only in the goods of the suppliers. The freedom to shop around is restricted by a supplier whose service or product is different or has special features that would be enjoyed.

Importance of volume to supplier: It relates to the capability of the supplier and the amount you order. If a supplier is a large volumes manufacturer with no capacity to scale back output, then anything they manufacture must be sold. If demand is lower than supply, then the negotiating power will be provided to the higher volume buyers. If the company is a low-volume buyer, then the company is unlikely to have a lot of bargaining power, although they would have more market power if a high-volume buyer.

Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation: Focuses on the role that the product of the supplier performs in identifying the product or service. If the company is competitive due to the quality found in the commodity of the supplier, the supplier can have the bargaining power (Porter Model, 2019).

Threat of forward or backward integration: A business has to acquire control of other businesses that were once clients for a potential integration to be effective. This method differs from the backward integration in which a corporation aims to expand control of businesses that once were its suppliers.

Access to capital: The position of vendors in the labor market can be seen as the power to negotiate gatekeepers for jobs. For instance, a system that enables organizations to assign purchasers to service providers may monitor the supply of jobs. It may be the recruitment sites in other businesses that provide data about what positions are available, recruiters, and resume screening tools allowed by artificial intelligence.

Access to labor: I couldn’t find anything for this section, please help.

INSTRUCTIONS: A detailed analysis is needed as well as recommendations for the 8 sections of the bargaining power of suppliers shown above. Please only focus on the Walmart corporation. Also, include references of scholarly journals and articles.
Porters five forces model can be explained via the internet (google) or if you have access to Pearson’s “Operations Management, 13th Edition by Jay Heizer; Barry Render and Munson” textbook. (https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/program/Heizer-My-Lab-Operations-Management-with-Pearson-e-Text-Access-Card-for-Operations-Management-Sustainability-and-Supply-Chain-Management-13th-Edition/PGM2569068.html)
All 8 segments under the suppliers needs to focus on Walmart and what they can do or what they have done for each section with recommendations.
Another link for Porters five forces model: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/porter.asp

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