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case study “Harley-Davidson wheels into India”

Assessment Instructions: You must write Case Study Report based on the following statement: “Personality is more or less stable internal factors that make one person’s behaviour consistent from one time to another, and different from the behaviour other people would manifest in comparable situations”.
After reading the below case study “Harley-Davidson wheels into India” write Case Study Report that demonstrates understanding of personality and selfconcept theories, concepts, models and frameworks to articulate Indian consumer behavior.
Harley-Davidson wheels into India Can Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson roar into India — the world’s secondlargest market for motorcycles, after China — and attract buyers despite strong competition from local and global bike brands? With more than a century of tradition behind its iconic American brand, Harley isn’t starting from scratch in India. It enjoys high brand recognition worldwide and began planning for a presence in India in 2005. Two years later, a US-India trade deal paved the way for foreign-made, heavyweight bikes like Harleys to be imported and sold throughout the country. Once Harley had the green light to go into high gear, it began recruiting dealers in five metropolitan areas.
Marketers for Harley see India’s economy growing rapidly. Its expanding middle class has both considerable buying power and an appetite for world-class, brand-name products. Most of these consumers have seen Harley bikes in Hollywood movies, and some have met Harley owners or tested Harley bikes at cycling events. Harley’s research shows that affluent motorcycle enthusiasts tend to own more than one bike (one for weekday commuting and another for weekend trips, for instance). “These are people who have worked hard, earn well, and can now allow themselves the chance to explore their passions”, explains the managing director.
Still, Harley must compete against long-established bike brands such as Royal Enfield, which has its own loyal customer base. Consumers in India can compare Royal Enfield’s four-stroke engines — responsible for the “thumper” sound associated with the brand — with Harley’s more powerful V-twin engines, which produce that brand’s signature thundering sound. Looking at price, they will find Royal Enfield’s bikes carry a lower price tag than Harley’s, in part because of import duties. Consumers concerned about the availability of repair services will also compare Harley’s handful of dealerships with Royal Enfield’s countrywide dealership network.
Harley’s unique image of independence and individuality is a clear point of differentiation. The company also has other competitive advantages. One is that it offers a full range of motorcycles and accessories, with customisation options that bike buyers particularly value. The company is developing special customisation kits so buyers can mix and match Harley engines and parts to create one-of-a-kind motorcycles in India as they do in other markets.
A second competitive advantage is that only Harley buyers can join the Harley Owners Group (HOG), a global group whose one million-plus members are invited to events such as bike training “boot camp,” weekend rides, and film festivals exclusively for Harley owners. HOG members also get to attend the company’s owners-only rock concerts featuring top Indian bands. “We want to give bike lovers the full ownership experience in India”, Harley’s managing director says about local HOG activities.
A third advantage is that Harley dealerships permit buyers to test drive every bike in the product line, which not every competitor allows. Test drives help buyers try out the various features, experience first-hand the difference between individual models, and form an impression of how it would feel to ride a Harley bike.
Harley is starting out strong in India. Before the first bike was delivered, the company had hundreds of pre-orders. As in most of the world, the majority of buyers are men. Unlike most Harley markets, however, here the fastest growth in sales is to men in their 30s and 40s.
Women are also being targeted, according to the director of marketing in India: “While we strongly believe Harley-Davidson is more of a state of mind and it transcends gender and age, we see a tremendous potential with Indian women riders.” In fact, Harley is already the most popular brand among US women bike buyers, a trend that could spread to India in the coming years
Case Study Report Format
1. Contents Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Introduction • Elaborate each of the three (03) assessment sections to clearly state the aim of the report • Briefly outline all the key points in the case study • Clearly state the importance of the case study to the reader
Main Body You must write Case Study Report based on the following statement: “Personality is more or less stable internal factors that make one person’s behaviour consistent from one time to another, and different from the behaviour other people would manifest in comparable situations”.
In your Case Study Report, your explanation of the theory and its influence should be based on the three (03) short sections (refer below) that defines these topics and discuss underlying theories that explain their influences on consumer behaviour. in the article ‘Harley-Davidson wheels into India’.
i. Reference Groups (Week 4 Lecture) – theories, concepts, models and frameworks
ii. Perception & Motivation (Week 5 Lecture) – theories, concepts, models and frameworks
iii. Learning & Memory (Week 6 Lecture) – theories, concepts, models and frameworks Headings and subheadings are to be used.
5. Conclusion • Clearly summarise ALL the main findings of the report for the benefit of the reader. • Clearly restate the aim of the report • Clearly make a concluding statement/final comment on the topic without introducing any new ideas.

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