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Developing an effective, cohesive team

1. List the attributes of a successful team.
2. List the stages in developing an effective, cohesive team.
3, explain the steps in problem solving and decision making through a written analysis (using the standard problem solving technique, and giving a recommended course of action)
4, explain how an employee’s level of experience and motivation affected the tasks that were assigned to them
5, Describe an unmotivated employee that you know of, and discuss how that person might benefit from delegation. What problems might that supervisor anticipate in delegating work to that person?
6, What problems we may have in a meetings (for example, domineering people; not being able to talk; too long meetings; irrelevant content etc). List ways that these problems can be eliminated or reduced. Then, write up a list of 10 tips for avoiding or reducing these problems

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Developing an effective, cohesive team
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