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Improving value (supply) chain processes

What do you believe are Lisette’s burning issues AND how can they improve their value (supply) chain processes
“The Montreal-based company known as Lisette L is operated by Lissette Limoges, her husband, son David and daughter Kathryne (based in Toronto), and a team of about 55 employees. Their tag lines: fit to flatter and Lisette L pants are great for anytime and anywhere, is certainly catching on with celebs and those who follow them. Lisette Limoges doesn’t just wear the pants in her family. She reinvents them. Using a similar technique employed for the making of women’s bathing-suit bottoms, the Montreal-based fashion entrepreneur has revolutionized pull-on pants, making them fit and flatter any body type – including famous celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift. Her husband and business partner, Neil Small and Limoges together launched Lisette-L in 2003 after working together for 30 years as sales reps for other fashion companies. Their retail clients had always asked them for a perfect pair of pants. When they could not find it, they decided to create it themselves. “From the knee up all the pants are the same. From the knee down, they are wider, shorter, skinnier, depending on the style,” says son David Small, who today also works for the business. He and his father oversee sales while Limoges takes care of the pants, each season producing a diversity of styles, from boot cut to Capri, which she embellishes with a signature D-ring attached to the front of the pants, just below the waistband. “I want my name on the outside of the pant, not hidden,” Limoges explains. “I want it to be something people notice as being Lisette-L.” For 30 years, Lisette and Neil worked as sales agents representing other fashion companies. After repeatedly being told by consumers and storeowners that they wanted a pant with a perfect fit, they decided to design their own. In 2003, they started their own company with the intent of making a pant that would appeal to female baby boomers. “Well, now that Taylor Swift is said to love our pants, we are serving many generations from mothers to daughters and granddaughters. The tummy control waistline is a hit, as it does not cut off your waist when you sit down. The pants wash and pack well, too,” Lisette says. Three years ago, they decided to try their luck in the U.S. Neil drove to Florida, opened an account and went door to door selling the pants to various boutiques. Their son went to California and did the same thing. “For a family-run business, we’re really so fortunate. We were in 300 stores three years ago and now we’re up to 1000 in the U.S.” “It’s been amazing,” says Limoges with her accented English on a recent visit to Toronto where the stylish grandmother of two was herself wearing a pair of her pants. The pants, which retail for $100 and go up to size 16, come in numerous styles (Capri, boot cuts, skinnies, flairs and straight), colours and prints, including polka dots, gingham, medallions and leopard. “We are being very careful with our brand. We’ve been offered to be in multiple stores but we have a great relationship with boutiques. This is the culture of our brand. We want to stay true to who we are,” Lisette says. Other “new” customers include a mother and equally fashion-loving daughter combo who represent a growing trend about Lisette-L pants, which increasingly are appealing to consumers of all ages, young women and mature women alike. “It’s interesting,” Limoges comments. “Because I originally made them for the older ladies, the ones who needed a little extra coverage, a little extra comfort in their dressing. It is why they are pull-ups, to make them easy to put on. However, what has happened is their daughters have tried them on, loving the fashion, and once they try them, they love them. They don’t want to wear anything else because they look so good on.” Priced between $90 and $135, and ranging in size from zero to 16, the wash-and-wear pants look so good on for a reason. Each pair is constructed with a hidden tummy panel that smooths and enhances a woman’s natural curves, making her look fantastic no matter what her shape. “My big message is you have to feel good about yourself. Try on my pants and you will feel good, and look good, on the outside. I can promise you that.”

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Improving value (supply) chain processes
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