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Developing additional skills through additional training

(what can be three SMART) steps to achieve you

1) Plan for completing your Capella program.
2) Possible opportunities for additional training or volunteer work to address gaps in your knowledge or skills.
3) Possible opportunities in your current position to develop additional skills.
4) Capella community groups and professional organizations that you could join for networking with others and completing additional informational interviews
5) How you will stay current with the research, literature, and ethics in the field.
6) Steps you can take to become more inclusive in your professional life.
7) How you can evaluating it in terms of reliability, credibility, ethics, and value.
8) How you will apply critical thinking and effective decision making in your specialization.
9) How you will use Capella’s support resources to develop the skills required to improve your writing and other competencies essential to the profession.

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Developing additional skills through additional training
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