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International business and globalization

Question 1

Discuss how technology has impacted international business and how it influence business’s competitiveness.

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International business and globalization
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Question 2

It has been said language often a cause of miscommunication across cultures? What can international managers do to minimize communication problems that stem from language differences?

Question 3

The negotiation process consists of five stages: (1) preparation, (2) relationship building, (3) exchange of task-related information, (4) persuasion, and (5) concessions and agreements.

Define what negotiation is and elaborate on “Stage 4: Persuasion”.

Question 4

Discuss why it is necessary for company to go international and elaborate on the major concerns to be addressed in the process of organizing for globalization.

Question 5

In the global staffing approach, the best managers are recruited from within or outside of the company, regardless of nationality. Discuss any three advantages of the global staffing approach.

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