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Understanding Process Selection and Facility Layout

Select a business or any store (Walmart, Winners, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaw, Fresh co, No frills, Home Depot, Home Sense, Canadian tire, Sobeys, Staples, Metro, Sears, Future shop, Costco, Farm boy, Independent, Foodland, Shoppers Drug Mart, Home outfitter, JYSK, Target, …)

a brief history of the business with some useful information which you can find it on internet or asking from the managers
Observe how that business is laid out, and draw a diagram of the facility’s layout.
Identify areas of the store that have the characteristics of each of these processing types: job shop, batch, repetitive (assembly line), and continuous (Flow line
Describe and check the width of the isles to see if they have enough space for customers to navigate two or more carts freely (if applicable).
Describe and check each section for clear signs and customer directions
Check to ensure products are accessible by putting them on shelves within reach.( Putting items out of reach may discourage customers from purchasing them
Describe if the layout echo the company’s message and highlight its key products
Do they lock their highest-priced, most valuable items in a glass cabinet or case to control access, and keep the keys in a safe, secure place
Do they consistently hit the bull’s eye with consumers by offering theirs chic yet cheap merchandise in reliable, easy-to-navigate stores? How
Refer to the 7 wastes in JIT, check if their process has any kind of waste(s), and describe how they can eliminate them
Do they use 5S in their system, how
Describe your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of the process & layout in the store. How they can improve the system.

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Understanding Process Selection and Facility Layout
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