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The traditional R&D model

11..The traditional R&D model is being replaced by smaller R&D facilities located in different parts of the world because companies like HP, Ford, and Dell want to:
Group of answer choices
standardize products and services worldwide.
develop a more effective marketing mix and manage competition.
tap talent around the world and innovate products and services.
The use of these two tools helps companies avoid missteps in foreign markets such as underestimating the cost of entering a new market, failure to understand business practices or regions
Group of answer choices
GLEED Model & Blake’s Triad Leadership model.
PESTEL and CAGE Analysis.
Global sourcing and innovation
Companies enter foreign markets by choosing either equity or non-equity market entry mode. An example of an equity market entry mode includes:
Group of answer choices
Starbucks in China
Apple exporting to China.
Tesla building a manufacturing company in China.
National governments often limit profits or currency companies take out a country. This is called:
Group of answer choices
global sourcing.
Companies such as Ford and Honda buy airbags, windshields, engines and other raw materials worldwide, this practice is known as:
Group of answer choices
global sourcing.
Companies cite the following as reasons for refraining from entering foreign markets:
Group of answer choices
communication and legal barriers.
lack of knowledge about export procedures and financing.
lack of business partnerships in foreign markets.
Governments around the world play a large role in the inception of R&D, they encourage corporations to invest in R&D in their countries through the following:
Group of answer choices
supporting intrepreneurship in most industries.
offering grants, tariff incentives and contracts.
both are correct
Ford and BMW face the demand of modifying products while reducing cost simultaneously. This is an example of an international competitive marketing strategy:
Group of answer choices
multidomestic strategy.
Global strategy.
Transnational strategy.
Companies such as Long John Silver and KFC localize products. For example, in Japan, KFC sells tempura crispy strips and in Thailand, it offers fresh rice with soy or sweet chili sauce. This is an example of a __________ international competitive strategy.
Group of answer choices
Apple and Dell face strong pressure to reduce price but limited pressure to localize products. This is an example of a _____________ international competitive marketing strategy.
Group of answer choices

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