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Palmers Resorts. is a family-owned and operated business. Since the company was founded in 1985, their employees are all close friends and family which make up to 75%. As the company has grown, a large amount of the family has instigated problems that are impacting day-to-day functions at the company. Numerous family members often “borrow” money out of the business’s profits that they never payback. Because the business is family-owned from generation to generation, members who take money are often never pressed to stop and never get in trouble. This has caused payroll and accounting issues that often go unresolved. Because the family makes up 75% of the company staff, business decisions are almost always made in their favor. The business staff lack diversity. The business computer systems are extremely old-fashioned (they use old Windows software). Because of this, payroll, logistics, and scheduling issues are very common.

Explain how this issue may compromise “sustainable” achievement of the business’s future financial, operational and strategic objectives?
Estimate the costs of failing to address this issue, both externally and internally to the business. If no changes are made to address it, estimate what the costs will be to the business, to the environment, and to society (note this is the Triple Bottom Line portion) in each of 5 and 10 years?
Recommend possible solution(s) to the issue in sufficient detail to confirm feasibility?
Estimate the cost of your solution(s). How long will it take the business to recover its R&D/implementation costs? Does the business’s cost offset environmental and/or societal costs?

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