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Pre-Departure Training before international assignment

2a.​Pre-Departure Training is very important for people who will be sent on an international assignment. The text by Dowling et al. ( International Human Resource Management, 2013) identifies six (6) components of effective Pre- Departure Training Programmes to be considered in preparing the expatriate for their subsidiary role.
You are required to select three (3) of the pre-departure training components and do a comprehensive justification for the inclusion of each of the three components selected to include in a pre-departure training programme.  ​​              ​(10 MARKS)

2b.​Explain your understanding of three (3) challenges facing the repatriate on their return to ​headquarters andalso make a recommendation to alleviate each of the three (3) ​challenges identified. ​​​​​​​              (12 MARKS)

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Pre-Departure Training before international assignment
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