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Treatment regime esophageal cancer

A patient has esophageal cancer and must have a feeding tube inserted. The doctor tells the patient that the tube will be inserted surgically into the duodenum (jejunostomy tube). The patient’s wife asks why the tube will not be inserted into the stomach. She also wants an explanation of the how the feeding tube will affect her husband’s ability to chew and swallow
a) What would the doctor say to the wife about the benefits of food going directly into the duodenum?
b) The doctor further explained that her husband would have less risk of for vomiting and other complications with the insertion of the tube into the duodenum. Why would the patient be at risk for vomiting? What would those other complications be?
c) The doctor explains that her husband will no longer form a bolus. As his nurse, the wife asks you what is a bolus and how is it formed? What is your explanation to these two questions?
d) The doctor tells his wife that her husband will no longer need to swallow his food. Again, as her nurse, the wife asks you to explain the swallowing process. She also asks you why this process will no longer be necessary for her husband. What is your explanation to these two questions?
e) As his nurse, you advise the patient to supplement with one a particular vitamin because his nutrients are not entering his stomach, which vitamin should he be taking, and why that one in particular?

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Treatment regime esophageal cancer
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