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Three-skill approach to leadership and the stages of tribal leadership

read the statement below about the three-skill approach to leadership and the stages of tribal leadership and let me know in detail if it would help your company.
The three-skill approach outlines various competencies needed at each level of organizational leadership. If I were responsible for moving an organization from stage 2 to stage 3 of tribal leadership, I would make suggestions for the supervisory, middle, and top management levels. Each suggestion relates to unnecessary skills that the leaders can ignore or crucial ones that must be evident for successful leadership.
I would advise the organization to invest more in technical and human skills instead of conceptual skills for the supervisory level. According to Katz (1974), technical skills comprise knowledge in specific activities, including important methods, processes, procedures, or techniques, and the greatest numbers of people require them. Based on the three-skill approach, the supervisory leadership level does not require any conceptual skills, but it relies on technical and human abilities. Technical skills would make it easier to succeed as a supervisor because the abilities are crucial to development.
The middle level of leadership focuses on all three skills but less on conceptual abilities. I would suggest that the organization improve its emphasis on concepts such as transformational leadership and relevant models. A leader may apply conceptual skills by, for example, analyzing market trends before releasing a product for consumers (Katz, 1974). Such adherence would ensure that the organization meets the minimum requirements to exercise middle-level leadership.
Finally, I would suggest that the organization reduce its technical skills emphasis since they are not required for top-level leadership. Instead, the organization can enhance its leadership strategies to include more conceptual skills, such as theoretical management approaches. Incorporating both human and conceptual skills would ensure that the organization implements the necessary changes to address all management components.

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Three-skill approach to leadership and the stages of tribal leadership
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