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Organizational change Intervention processes

Organizational change aimed at human capital is also key in the operation of the company. One of the organizational changes can be personnel changes, both at high, medium or low levels, or even the reduction of personnel in the company. It is important to note that organizational changes seek to increase interpersonal and work effectiveness. When planning changes, it is important to carefully analyze the situation to avoid employee dissatisfaction as they may feel displaced and insecure. It is necessary to properly manage changes related to personnel, since the human capital of the company is key to its effective operation.
Case 1
The Kautiva service company is experiencing major internal problems due to a high level of turnover in the low and medium level jobs. The latest data shows that by 2019 the company had a 20% turnover in its jobs. The top management of the company tells the human resources department that it must identify the reason why the employees are making the decision to leave the company. The human resources department proposes to the management of the company to carry out a work climate survey to find out what aspects are worrying the workers and causing them to leave, in order to try to find a solution. An important fact that should be highlighted is that Kautiva’s level of turnover is well above that of its competitors.
The management set a term of two weeks for the results of the survey to be presented to him. The human resources department designed the survey and informed all employees through a formal communication that the results would be made public to all and that they would also be informed of the actions that senior management determined to take to improve the work environment and therefore Hence, decrease the turnover percentage. 99% of employees participated in the survey. Human Resources presented the following results to senior management:
1.The main reason why workers leave the company is because of the few possibilities that the company offers them for their professional development.
2.the second reason is for economic reasons; the employees claim that their salaries are well below the salaries offered by the competition.
3.there is little internal communication
3.there is no motivation
Top management gets angry when they see the results and informs human resources that they do not plan to change anything and that anyone who does not like it already knows where the door is. The survey results were not made public as senior management prohibited employees from being informed. The human resources department was discredited, and the atmosphere worsened among the workers, in addition to the fact that the turnover percentage in the company did not improve.


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Organizational change Intervention processes
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1. Case summary
2. What is the main problem and the secondary ones?
3. What went wrong in this situation?
4. Does this situation have a solution in an organization?
5. Why is management not trying to change anything?
6. Could the organization be restructured?
7. What are the changes that will be necessary to make in current attitudes, behavior or work, to achieve the effectiveness of the organization?

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