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The Federal Reserve Economics

1) (6 points) The Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) is an online database consisting of economic data time series from various sources and is created and maintained by the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Read the following post called Ted on Fred, on the FRED Blog and answer the following questions.
Link: https://fredblog.stlouisfed.org/2016/07/ted-on-fred/.
A) The TED spread is the spread between what 2 common rates?
i) The 3-month __LIBRO__ , which is the rate banks would charge each other for lending.
ii) The 3-month TREASURY BILL which are the rates that are backed by the U.S Government and considered to be a safe asset (risk-free).
B) These index rates are commonly used in commercial real estate and are called
i) _____ rate mortgages, which are interest rates that can change or vary over the loan term.
ii) The note will define the contract interest rate based two key components, the _________ rate, a market determined interest rate that is the “moving” part of the rate and the
iii) _____________, which is the lender’s mark-up.
C) A rising TED spread would indicate
i)_________ (more or less) credit-risk in the economy.
ii) From a historical perspective, this figure shows that in times of crisis, recession, or economic downturn, the TED spread ___________(rises or falls).
Although unlikely, The TED Spread can be negative if the risk on treasuries
iii) __________ more than the current credit conditions warrant.

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