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Ethical purchasing policy

Specifically, you have been asked to:1. Detail the factors that you would use in comparing truckload companies against each other anddevelop a proposed weight or ranking of the factors according to what you consider to be their level ofimportance in selecting a new carrier.2. Consider and discuss the potential areas that a new ethical purchasing policy needs to address. Theseinclude: a) the rationale for why EB should have a corporate ethical policy, b) who the policy shouldbe protecting, and c) what ethical criteria should guide decisions on ethical conduct. The CEO is notrequesting you develop the actual policy at this time, rather consider the specific areas and discusseach in detail.

Specifically, you have been asked to:1. Provide a description of the potential marine insurance clauses that could be purchasedand a recommendation on the coverage that EB should purchase for the new Germanplastic.2. Provide a description of the role and function of a Customs Broker and arecommendation on using one for the new German plastic

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Ethical purchasing policy
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