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Biochemistry Major histocompatibility

(MHC I) gene product interaction activates ________ cells, whereas Major histocompatibility class II (MHC II) gene product interaction activates_________ cells.
a. CD8 + T cells : CD4+ T cells
b. CD4+ T cells ; CD8+ T cells
c. Natural killer cells and regulatory cells
d. B cells and T cells
Foreign tissue rejection is mediated by ____________________ and principal cell types involved are ____________________
a. Humoral immunity ; T cells
b. Cell mediated immunity ; B cells
c. Cell mediated immunity : T cells
d. Humoral immunity ; B cells
Mucosal surfaces encounter foreign antigens routinely. However, the body does not actively induce an immune response to all the foreign antigens encountered on the mucosal surfaces but develops tolerance to foreign antigens. This is because
a. All the foreign antigen recognizing lymphocytes are slowly deleted
b. Lymphocyte responses are suppressed by regulatory T cells
c. The antigens are not processed by antigen presenting cells
d. Enough antigens are not available to induce an immune response

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Biochemistry Major histocompatibility
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