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Business law – breach of contract

Sachin, a minor (15 years of age), entered into an apprenticeship contract for three years, which required him to train for 8 hours a day and five days a week and perform in shows arranged by the trainer. Sachin could participate in other shows if the timings of other shows do not clash with the performances arranged by the trainer. In return, the trainer promised to provide Sachin with room and board plus $150 per week as a stipend and $100 for each performance as well. The trainer had an option to renew the contract for another three years. When Sachin turned 16, he missed some training lessons and performances arranged by the trainer because of some other shows which were in the clash, and also because of his part-time position in a restaurant. Trainer sued him for breach of contract of service.

Advise Sachin whether his trainer is likely to succeed in suing him for the breach of contract or would Sachin be allowed to take the benefit of his minority? Justify your answer by giving legal reasoning and mention at least one precedent to support your answer. (Jurisdiction of VIC applies)

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Business law – breach of contract
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