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combat global warming – limits on air pollution and the economy

To combat global warming the Obama administration is using the wide-scale reach of the Clean Air Act to push through regulations placing limits on air pollution. This extends the power of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate sources of greenhouse gases. One major goal is to obtain a 30 percent reduction in emissions from coal-powered plants by 2030. The new regulations could have major benefits for the nation. The average age of U.S. coal plants is 42 years, making them less efficient than newer coal plants. Power plants also account for 38 percent of the nation’s carbon emissions. Stricter regulation of power plants could reduce carbon emissions and hinder global warming.

On the other hand, many utilities see the regulations as too burdensome and believe they will result in lost jobs. States such as Arkansas would also be affected due to their reliance on coal-powered plants. This has led the EPA to reconsider the timetable and provide more flexibility to states in implementing these changes.

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combat global warming – limits on air pollution and the economy
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Clearly justifying your point, say which one of the following do you think is correct:
Carbon emissions regulations benefit both the nation and the environment in the long-run.
Carbon emissions regulations can be detrimental to the nation because it will cause many to lose their jobs.

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